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write whatever else you want to in here - you could put adoptees here if you like



It's been too long since I've posted anything onto this blog. I've been doing the majority of blogging on MySpace, but I haven't been doing the same to my Pitas blog. :(


Eat shit, New England Patriots!!

New York Giants 17
New England Patriots 14

You'd best try and stop Dallas next year!! :P


OMG!! Another one is getting married!

First, Nishi-chan's getting engaged to her Ricky, and now, Dave Mackey has announced his engagement to his girlfriend, Tracy Meyer, on both his blog and Harry McCraken's as well.

Man, I hope I get the invites. :D


My first video in quite some time.

I had to create this video on my mom's PC, but this idea of mine kept bothering me for months. And, at last, it all came to fruition. :D


I have faith in Haley Scarnato

Although she was almost voted off American Idol last night, it came as a sigh of relief for native San Antonian, Haley Scarnato.

But, if she was voted off, I would be very unhappy right now.

Even though I've been neutral when it came to American Idol contestants making it to the finals in the past (i.e., Kelly/Justin, Ruben/Clay, Katherine/Taylor, etc.), this year going to be different because I have faith in Haley Scarnato of San Antonio, TX, and dammit she will advance to the finals.

Anyone who says otherwise, the viewers, Ryan Seacrest, or that tart Simon Cowell, will be damned.

If Miss Scranato's reading this, then I'm forever happy. :D


Sorry about that, chief.

I just got my computer back from the repair shop on Tuesday, and yesterday, I took it back because I've unknownly modified a file that required a repair CD to fix. Unfortunitly(sp), that cd was lost at the old house in Savannah back when my mom and I were moving into my "sister's" home.

Maybe when I got my computer back, I'll have to promise myself that I shouldn't go crazy when it comes to deleting and/or modifing my files as well as updating my files and such.

If my dad were alive, he would tell me not to do that and let him do it instead, and he's right about that folks.